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College Goes Digital With iTunes U App. The result would look a lot like Apple's new iTunes U app, it seems. The new app lets you browse through courses at partner universities, tap to enroll, browse course material, take notes, view the syllabus, and a lot more. --NS
--Updated 11:06 a.m. EST

Apple's got itself a host of new publishing partners. Those on board include: textbook king Pearson, McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Dorling Kindersley (yes--that means dinosaur pictures on the iPad!) --NS
--Updated 10:50 a.m. EST

Apple Launches Free E-Book Creator App. Apple's iBook Author let will anyone with a Mac (and the will) to create their own ebook or e-textbook in what seems like a WYSIWYG, fuss-free way. The app accepts drag and drop gestures for documents and widgets. Code-savvy book authors can create their own custom widgets using Javascript and HTML. The app publishes straight to the Apple app store. --NS

Apple Announces iBooks 2. Apple's first announcement for this morning is a series of interactive e-textbooks that allow mutli-touch gestures to navigate through text, 3D images and videos. iBooks 2 is free to download on the iPad as an app. iBooks 2 is the first of two big announcements Apple's planning at their education event in New York this morning. --NS

Sony Ericsson Posts Last Quarter Loss. (Sony is buying out Ericsson's stake in the company for a little over 1 billion Euros.) For the quarter ending in December, the company reported 207 million Euros lost, on revenue worth 1.29 billion Euros. --NS

Apple Event Today. Stay tuned for updates. --NS
Kodak Files For Bankruptcy. Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 early today. --NS
Facebook's Activity Apps Go Live. Facebook and scads of publishing and entertainment companies let loose the promised activity buttons, first announced at f8, at an event thrown by the social network yesterday. The rollout includes 60 new apps including ticketing services, recipe apps, travel apps, and more. --NS

Senators Show anti-SOPA Support. At last count, Ars Technica reports, PIPA has found 18 new opposers. --NS
Lovefilm Links Up With LG. LG is its latest squeeze--owner Amazon has signed a deal with the TV manufacture to have its smart sets stream films and shows from Lovefilm's quickly expanding digital library. --NS

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