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Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo received a visit from Miss Universe 2011, Laila Lopes, at City Hall Jakarta, Friday, October 7, 2011. In his speech, Foke - as usual he greeted - introduced as a miniature city of Jakarta Indonesia.

"Welcome to the Miss Universe 2011. Indonesia is a country rich in culture. As a miniature of Indonesia, Jakarta has nearly all the cultures of Indonesia," said Fauzi, while welcoming the Miss Universe 2011 in Jakarta City Hall.

According Foke, in the Miss Universe contestants all have the same opportunities, in representing their respective country. "The elected definitely the best. We also have representatives from Indonesia who is also from Jakarta is Nadine. We wish him success at the polls, but maybe others have the advantages of each," he said.

Foke said Laila in the election of Miss Universe 2011, should be appreciated. Because it comes from developing countries. "With the success of Laila will bring a positive impact on people," he added.

Queen of origin Angola Worldwide, the later will be in Indonesia for five days in order to tour the work of Miss Universe 2011. During his visit, accompanied by Princess Laila Lopes namely Indonesia 2010 Nadine Alexandra Ames.

In addition, there is also the Founder Foundation of Puteri Indonesia, Mooryati Soedibyo and also Chairman of Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, Wardiman Djojonegoro. 18 pairs of Abang None (Abnon Jakarta) for 2011 were also in attendance.

Scheduled, tonight Miss Universe 2011 will attend the Grand Final Night Puteri Indonesia 2011 will be held at the Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Centre.

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