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Whenever Apple schedules a press event to announce something new the world stops and takes notice. On Thursday, teachers especially will be paying close attention.
While some are excited about the learning potential of e-textbooks and how Apple(AAPL-Q429.07-0.04-0.01%)could make them mainstream, others are thinking bigger.

Mr. Odette teaches Grade 7 and 8 students at the W. C. Little Elementary School in Barrie, Ont., and for about four years has been a part of the school's e-textbook pilot project.
“The idea is trying to move with the digital age and students are (already) accessing computers for all their information,” Mr. Odette said.

“Parents were a little hesitant at first but once they saw the results — (student marks) are averaging eight to 10 per cent higher with the digital textbooks — and how engaged and motivated the students became the parents were very receptive to say, ‘What more can we do?’ ”
The school gets its texts from Pearson Canada, which says demand for digital learning tools is not new.
“This has been going on for more than the last year,” said Sandra Nagy, Pearson Canada's director of digital learning.

Students can also digitally mark up the e-textbook as much as they'd like with notes and highlights. The e-textbooks work on computers, iPads and there are plans to expand to other platforms, including Google Android devices.

While Nagy said the digital texts have been less popular with the earlier grades, Odette believes tablets will be a great teaching tool for young kids.
“Kids are hands-on learners, that's one of our main learning styles in elementary school, especially with younger students,” he said.

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