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No one I’ve spoken to in Hollywood believes that story questioning whether the late Robert Kardashian fathered daughter Khloe . That said, a couple of Khloe’s good friends are telling her to get a DNA test.

“It will just make this story go away — permanently,” said one entertainment industry honcho, who claimed he was among those urging the testing.

However, legal sources add that if Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, do go ahead and file suit to prove the story is false, DNA testing will be demanded by attorneys from the other side, believing it will prove the story to be true.

BACK TOGETHER? It looks likely that aging action stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger will reunite on the big screen in “The Tomb.” This script long has been simmering on the Hollywood backburner — a tale about a man (Stallone) who designs a breakout-proof prison and then ends up in there himself, forced to go up against his own brilliantly crafted plans in order to escape.

ONCE AGAIN? Now that Heather Locklear is a single woman — having broken off her engagement to Jack Wagner in mid-November — funnyman David Spade is said to be in hot pursuit. The actor and comedian had a fling with Locklear in 2006. They’ve remained friends, but now Spade wants to turn it back into a romance.

Not so fast, David! According to one Locklear pal, the actress is not quite ready for a relationship.

† Locklear was taken to a hospital by ambulance Thursday afternoon after her sister called 911 about an unspecified “medical emergency,” TMZ reported.

MORE ROMANCE: While Demi Moore has gone on a few dates with Blake Corl-Baietti (who is seven years younger than her ex, Ashton Kutcher), I’ve learned it’s not that serious — yet. However, the model and personal trainer is said to be totally starstruck by Moore, who is thought to be flaunting Corl-Baietti to somewhat stick it to her estranged husband.

† Friends of Denise Richards are not sure if she’s just trying to make Charlie Sheen jealous — or perhaps she is serious about reviving an old relationship with her “Starship Troopers” co-star and “Days of Our Lives” actor Patrick Muldoon. She has been seen this week looking very romantic with Muldoon — and he was a guest at her big celebration last July when she adopted Eloise, her new baby daughter.

There has been recent talk of Richards and ex-hubby Sheen possibly re-marrying — given the large amount of time they’ve been spending together.

OSCAR BUZZ: Considering the attention on Kim Jung Un’s recent accession to the leadership of North Korea, South Korea’s submission of “The Front Line” as its entry for this year’s foreign film Academy Awards is very timely.

The movie focuses on the final bloody battle that ultimately determined the border that has divided the Korean peninsula for the past six decades.

ODD AD: Hollywood industry folks are shaking their heads at the strange full-page ad that long-retired actress and Chicago native Kim Novak took out in Daily Variety — blasting “The Artist” for incorporating Bernard Herrmann’s music from “Vertigo,” the only film Novak made with the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.

It’s been well documented that Ludovic Bource’s soundtrack for “The Artist” is 80 percent original music, and the borrowed tunes have been totally credited to Herrmann, according to Motion Picture Academy rules — making the score eligible for an Oscar nomination.

† Additionally, Novak is being attacked by women’s organizations and rape crisis groups for her writing in her ad, “I want to report a rape to you. I feel my body, or at least my body of work, has been violated by the movie, ‘The Artist.’ ”

Though Novak’s manager defends the use of the word in that context, it is something challenged frequently in recent years by those fighting to bring awareness to physical violence against women.

TV TALK: Just in time for the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the Emmy-winning “The Sounds of Diversity,” the wonderful documentary about the Chicago Sinfonietta and its founder, Paul Freeman, will be rebroadcast at 8 p.m. Sunday on WYCC-Channel 20.

SEEN ON THE SCENE: The Cubs’ Theo Epstein slipped into R.J. Grunts with a few pals to watch the BCS championship game. . . . Epstein also joined Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and GM Jed Hoyer for a lunch Rich Melman hosted at his Joe’s Stone Crab, joined by sons R.J. and Jerrod Melman. . . . The Bulls’ Kyle Korver stopped by the younger Melmans’ Hub 51 for a post-game dinner.

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